A Higher Quality Of Life

From swapping out common harmful chemicals from your home and office... to embracing a new level of self-care... to seizing your purpose in a manner that honors your mind, body, and soul... there are a few things you can do to

enhance your overall quality of life...

AND you don't have to journey through it alone!





Feed Your Mind With Healthy Info

Develop healthy habits the easy way...

Join us for our public classes for information about how to simplify your health and wellness


Supporting your body, mind, and spirit doesn't have to be complicated or interrupt your entire lifestyle.

All our courses listed on this page are 100% online, and self-paced.

This way you can enjoy them, even while lounging in pajamas with your favorite beverage or snack.

Our Featured Courses:

A Healthier Home for a Happier Life

Introduction to Essential Oils

Authentic Business Course

Home-Based Mommy


Don't waste time trying to figure it out


We have YEARS of research and spent YEARS trying out different methods to help us through regaining health and sanity. We are here to help guide you so you don't have to figure it out on your own...

​​​​​​​I mean... who has time for that anyways??

Your time is precious.

Why figure it out the hard way when

other people have paved the road for you,

and are here to help YOU succeed in YOUR goals.

Because we believe you are worth it. You deserve to live happier, healthier, and more prosperous!

A Healthier Home For A Happier Life

  • Discover how to identify harmful chemicals in common household and office products. 
  • Receive helpful DIY and non-DIY recommendations to replace harmful products from your home and office.

An Introduction to Essential Oils

A quick, FREE 1-week email course to teach you about how to use essential oils safely, and to find the right essential oils for you and your family.

Authentic Business Course

Learn how to grow your business authentically, without being spammy or obnoxious to friends, family, and strangers.

  • Embrace your strengths
  • Share your knowledge
  • Grow your business

Home-Based Mommy

Start your own business, even with kids hanging out at home

  • How to start a business without a huge investment
  • Start a business with residual or passive income
  • Marketing yourself honorably
  • :Building a business with limited time, energy, and sanity


Please note... all our courses are complimentary for our wellness members and team leaders. 

Courses We Recommend

These are courses presented by clients I've helped work with, and close friends whos courses I've personally taken, helped create, and 100% endorse.

Virtual Grief Symposium

20+ speakers discuss moving forward in life, healing, and business after losing a loved one. 

  • Renew your sense of hope
  • Rediscover your purpose
  • Overcome feeling stuck
  • Know you're not alone

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